English to Pashto Meaning of blind - ړوند

Blind :

ړوند, د مرغانو د, د Fowl, خبرې وکړې, کپسول, د پوښونو, نښی په, قصاب خانه, تر پوښښ, حجاب, ستوغ, وجداني, کاغذونه

ړوند, تتولو, لپاره تياره, مبهمه, سيوري, خړپړ کړي, غبار, ښخ, نندارتون, ترشح, بېرته وساتي, کفن, چل, Hocus, چلکی, غلط ولوبوي, تر څنګ, اوتېرايستونکو

ړوند, تياره, ناپوهه, يوې سترګې والا, واحد راوي, پټ, پټو, روزلی, مبهمه, داغونه, د باطنی, تور, رنګ, نافعال, ناپوه, د BRUTE, متقاعد, د خصوصي, نژدې, واله, ظالمانو, بې توپیره, لنډ لنډنظرو, بې پروا, ګرمکې, خالصی, متعصب, د ارتودکس, ضدي, سادګي, تسليمېدونکي, مضبوط, یوه لار, په غیبو, غلا

ړاندهړندېblinderblindersblindestblindingپه پټوړوندواليړندوي
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Definitions of blind in English
Noun(1) people who have severe visual impairments, considered as a group(2) a hiding place sometimes used by hunters (especially duck hunters(3) a protective covering that keeps things out or hinders sight(4) something intended to misrepresent the true nature of an activity
Verb(1) render unable to see(2) make blind by putting the eyes out(3) make dim by comparison or conceal
Adjective(1) unable to see(2) unable or unwilling to perceive or understand(3) not based on reason or evidence
Examples of blind in English
(1) However, don't let these minor things blind you to the fact that The Big Book of Busts is actually an extremely important addition to any serious chess library.(2) Science journal Nature chose 50 science articles from both Encyclopedia Britanica and gave peer reviewers a blind test to find mistakes.(3) Are his destructive escapades nothing more than random luck and blind chance?(4) This was all very friendly, fun and instructive, and we bought a small bottle of balsamic vinegar (the one we liked best in the blind test) to take home.(5) It was this military system that Braille adapted for the blind .(6) One day I'm sitting in a duck blind in backwoods Louisiana.(7) Glazed doors, provided that the panes are rectangular, can be reduced by removing one tier of panes; blind doors can be cut down at will.(8) Our government and politicians are blind and deaf on this issue.(9) In other research some experienced wine drinkers in a blind test were unable to tell a red from a white.(10) You watch the sun come up on a cold winter morning hunkered down in a hunting blind or pray to God you don't fall in the river at midnight when you're running your trotline.(11) Reports have suggested that only a small proportion of those who claimed to suffer from wheat intolerance showed any symptoms in blind tests.(12) Papa and Mama Aven use their quiet bookstore as a blind for smuggling diamonds.(13) Anna watched as the plane flew over and through all the clouds in the sky before pulling the blind back over the window.(14) When scientists criticize these ideas, they often start talking about blind tests and repeatability and so forth.(15) ÔÇÿRuseÔÇÖ applies to that which is contrived as a blind for one's real intentions or for the truth.(16) With modern machinery and the will to do it, many of the blind bends on this road would be eradicated quickly.
Related Phrases of blind
(1) love is blind ::
مینه ړنده ده
(2) blind date ::
ړانده نېټه
(3) blind man ::
ړوند سړی
(4) color-blind ::
رنګ ړوند
(5) colour-blind ::
رنګ ړوند
(6) big blind ::
لوی ړانده
(7) the blind ::
(8) blind alley ::
ړوند لاره
(9) blind love ::
ړانده مينه
(10) blind faith ::
ړوند ایمان
1. sightless ::
2. imperceptive ::
3. unmindful of ::
د غافل
4. uncritical ::
5. impetuous ::
6. unreasoning ::
8. shade ::
9. deception ::
10. subterfuge ::
11. screen ::
12. make blind ::
لپاره ړانده
13. deprive of judgment ::
د قيامت محروم
14. overawe ::
15. dim ::
Different Forms
blind, blinded, blinder, blinders, blindest, blinding, blindly, blindness, blinds
Word Example from TV Shows
make me blind or
deaf if you want to,

make me BLIND or deaf if you want to,

Vikings Season 1, Episode 8

Please don't say it.
We were set up on a blind date.

Please don't say it. We were set up on a BLIND date.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 20

Shedding the yoke of my oppressors,
you blind, sad little man.

Shedding the yoke of my oppressors, you BLIND, sad little man.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 19

I'm glad I'm not blind.

I'm glad I'm not BLIND.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 1

Okay, I'm blind here, guys.
Can you help me find them?

Okay, I'm BLIND here, guys. Can you help me find them?

The Big Bang Theory Season 1, Episode 11

English to Pashto Dictionary: blind

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