English to Pashto Meaning of intangible - ملموسې

Intangible :

ايستلو, ملموسې, چوپړی, تعبیروي, مرموزو, سو, ناپاک, چټل, افسانوی, د خیالي ژوندي, بنیادتوب, روپۍ, تش, د منلو, لرې, نه پوهيدو وړ, چورت

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Definitions of intangible in English
Noun(1) assets that are saleable though not material or physical
Adjective(1) (of especially business assets(2) incapable of being perceived by the senses especially the sense of touch(3) hard to pin down or identify(4) lacking substance or reality; incapable of being touched or seen
Examples of intangible in English
(1) Don't they sound just a little bit vague, intangible , or unclear?(2) Because many biotechnology firms do not have any revenues and their assets are usually intangible , the best measure of firm size in this industry is a headcount.(3) But more importantly, discovering the complexities of vanilla brings home the truly complex and intangible relationship we share with food.(4) There are no intangible assets on the balance sheet which might have helped to explain the extraordinary price.(5) Thus, the winner, despite the monetary gratification, can never have the intangible but necessary spiritual satisfaction of having earned the money.(6) There is a slight nod, a ghostly intangible feeling of her gloved palm against my cheek, and a sensation of motherly warmth.(7) It is hard, sometimes intangible , and difficult to sell to donors.(8) It would, in other words, accelerate what will probably happen anyway: the separation of that intangible bond between America and Europe.(9) The balance sheet also includes intangible assets of $1.18 billion and long-term debt of $2 billion.(10) Sometimes how design improves our lives comes down to elusive, intangible emotions or feelings.(11) With the new relationships, however, some of the favorable effects are intangible and more difficult to quantify and critique.(12) But when the body is discarded its texture becomes intangible .(13) People are physically distinct, and their spirituality is an intangible entity; that is why we do not readily perceive the spiritual forces that unite us.(14) Often the benefits of lean thinking are considered intangible and difficult to quantify.(15) Overall, it has an intangible quality that I have difficulty explaining but nonetheless am drawn to.(16) Images can express an experience that language can't capture: that intangible , indefinable moment when we encounter the Spirit.
Related Phrases of intangible
(1) intangible assets ::
ملموسې شتمني او
(2) intangible asset ::
ملموسې شتمني
(3) intangible fixed assets ::
ملموسې ثابتو شتمنيو د
(4) intangible property ::
ملموسې شتمني
1. impalpable ::
2. indefinable ::
3. nonphysical ::
4. intangible asset ::
ملموسې شتمني
1. palpable ::
2. tactile ::
3. tangible ::
د لمس وړ
Different Forms
intangible, intangibles
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