English to Pashto Meaning of load - بار

Load :

اخلي, د جاذبې د, بار, د وزن, د قاتلین, د بيروبار, دنده, کمیسیون, ډېر, لوټه, تړون, دلۍ, د بیان د, کمیت, ننوتنه یا ساین اېن, ناجو, پالنه, Shell, سپارۍ, تېره, عمده

د ډکولو, بار, اخلي, توکي, له ډيزيلي, مطبوعاتي ښکته, خېژي, مطبوعاتي, ماتې ورکړه, د وزن, ولي, وزن, لښگتونو, د بيروبار, ظلم, ورسوي, عیار, ډیروالی, ورکوی, لمس کړي, تحمیل, کېږدي, وګماری, غالب شوې, راځي،, اضافي مالیو, کاندېدو

بارloadableته ولیږهلوډرلودرپورته کوليعني په
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Definitions of load in English
Noun(1) weight to be borne or conveyed(2) a quantity that can be processed or transported at one time(3) goods carried by a large vehicle(4) an amount of alcohol sufficient to intoxicate(5) the power output of a generator or power plant(6) an onerous or difficult concern(7) a deposit of valuable ore occurring within definite boundaries separating it from surrounding rocks(8) the front part of a guided missile or rocket or torpedo that carries the nuclear or explosive charge or the chemical or biological agents(9) electrical device to which electrical power is delivered
Verb(1) fill or place a load on(2) provide (a device(3) transfer from a storage device to a computer's memory(4) put (something(5) corrupt, debase, or make impure by adding a foreign or inferior substance; often by replacing valuable ingredients with inferior ones
Examples of load in English
(1) But looking at the potential load on the server, here are some numbers with that.(2) Michael immediately began to load boxes and bags of food and supplies into the van.(3) Some of the sediment load was trapped within the meanders, forming extended point-bars.(4) she was talking a load of rubbish(5) It is possible he will be asked to drop some of the weight to ease the load on his left knee, in which he tore the ACL in 1998.(6) a tractor-trailer load of new appliances(7) consumers will find it difficult to service their heavy load of debt(8) This is a mammoth task by any criteria, and the more hands there are the lighter the work load for each individual.(9) the increased load on the heart caused by a raised arterial pressure(10) Joints move and bear a load : your weight, in other words.(11) If you must use an extension cord, use a cord that's rated for the electrical load and no longer really needed.(12) Changing the length of a transmission line will change the input impedance if the load isn't properly matched to the line.(13) Alicia's fervent hope was that her love and support would make his painful load easier to bear.(14) Perhaps this is, in part, a lesson learned from forgetting to load film into my camera as a junior.(15) To conserve water and energy, wait until you have a full load before running your dishwasher or washing machine.(16) following breakfast we clear the table and load the dishwasher
Related Phrases of load
(1) load up ::
د پورته کړ
(2) load cell ::
بار حجره
(3) heavy load ::
درنو بار
(4) full load ::
بشپړ بار
(5) load balancing ::
بار توازن
(6) load capacity ::
بار ظرفیت
(7) full container load ::
بشپړ کانتينر بار
(8) dead load ::
مړه بار
(9) load factor ::
بار عامل
(10) peak load ::
اوج بار
1. cargo ::
2. a lot of ::
بیخي ډېر
3. commitment ::
4. loading ::
پورته کول
5. shipment ::
6. warhead ::
8. lode ::
9. fill ::
د ډکولو
10. pack ::
11. burden ::
12. reward ::
13. prime ::
د لومړي
14. insert ::
15. bias ::
16. charge ::
17. load up ::
د پورته کړ
18. debase ::
1. ace ::
2. bit ::
3. dab ::
د افغانستان بانک
4. dram ::
5. driblet ::
6. glimmer ::
7. hint ::
8. lick ::
9. little ::
10. mite ::
11. nip ::
12. ounce ::
13. pinch ::
14. pittance ::
15. scruple ::
16. shade ::
Different Forms
load, loadable, loaded, loader, loaders, loading, loads
Word Example from TV Shows
It's a new design.
Much easier to load. There's no crank.

It's a new design. Much easier to LOAD. There's no crank.

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 2

You were right--
a whole new load.

You were right-- a whole new LOAD.

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 11

It's taking forever to load the new
operating system on my computer.

It's taking forever to LOAD the new operating system on my computer.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 12

Come in, buddy. Take a load off.

Come in, buddy. Take a LOAD off.

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 9

The file load is way too heavy.

The file LOAD is way too heavy.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 10

English to Pashto Dictionary: load

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