English to Pashto Meaning of mass - ډله

Mass :

ډله, د وزن, د تېلو, د فشار, اتکا, ګوند, لوري, عمله, خبره, موضوع, مواد, توکي, ماده, اندازه, کمیت, حجم, حده, مبلغ, لوټه, ډوډوۍ, توپ, ناجو, ډېرۍ, عمده, تراکم, پشته, روزنه, راغونډېدنې, ګڼه ګوڼه, غونډه, اصلي, ناخالص, د بدن, هرات, ټولګه, د کلستر د

جامع, پراخه, ډله, تر ټولو, الړ, بې بريده, لوی-وسپارل, عمومي, عام, عادي, د معمول, نړیوال, د عامه, څو, ګڼ شمېر, زيات, د اوږد, ګاګرې, راټول, ډېرۍ, يو بدن موټی, کلپ, یو ځای کړي, بسیج, لاريون, راغونډ, د اړوندې, رااړوي،, اړخ, سازونې, رسمي

ډلهراغونډ شولاولسته راټول
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Definitions of mass in English
Noun(1) the property of a body that causes it to have weight in a gravitational field(2) (often followed by `of'(3) an ill-structured collection of similar things (objects or people(4) (Roman Catholic Church and Protestant Churches(5) a body of matter without definite shape(6) the common people generally(7) the property of something that is great in magnitude(8) a musical setting for a Mass(9) a sequence of prayers constituting the Christian Eucharistic rite
Verb(1) join together into a mass or collect or form a mass
Adjective(1) formed of separate units gathered into a mass or whole
Examples of mass in English
(1) Coalition officials investigated 70 and confirm 40 as mass graves.(2) There is considerable disparity of wealth between a small elite and the mass of the population.(3) These are presented for the first time in this volume, and while the mass of material is unwieldy, it is also fascinating.(4) What I found is that there is youth radio, and there is entertaining radio, also known as commercial, corporate, or mass appeal radio.(5) When he was fully in the door, a mass of people came flooding out of the doorways in the small entrance hall.(6) My object, dear friend, in making this small selection from a great mass of material, has been twofold.(7) The urbanization of the mass of the population and the decline of rural areas not surprisingly had profound social consequences for all classes of the population.(8) An astounding mass of material is already available on computer screens.(9) On those occasions when they did so, they saw what seemed to be a barbarous mass of material lacking all grammatical order.(10) Your vagueness, however, is understandable given the present state of affairs for the mass of the population.(11) At the opposite end of what passed for the main street of the village, a group of the attackers had gathered, a mass of dark shapes and forms.(12) I turn back to the mass of people crowding around me.(13) She remembered the days when people would crowd around the doors and bustle off in a mass of closely-packed bodies.(14) Every object with mass exerts a gravitational force.(15) The bats, in what looked like a solid mass of bodies, were releasing their toe-hold and dropping into flight.(16) The storm spun a mass of dark clouds across the sky.
Related Phrases of mass
(1) mass storage ::
لویه زیرمه
(2) mass medium ::
ډله منځني
(3) mass communication ::
ټولیزو اړیکو د
(4) body mass index ::
د بدنې کتلې شاخص
(5) mass transit ::
ډله ترانزیت
(6) critical mass ::
انتقادي ډله
(7) mass-produce ::
1. widespread ::
2. aggregative ::
3. pile ::
4. crowd ::
ګڼه ګوڼه
5. majority ::
6. common people ::
عام خلک
7. people ::
8. bulk ::
9. sight ::
10. assemble ::
Different Forms
mass, massed, masses, massing
Word Example from TV Shows
I'm not sure deceit and mass murder
is the best way to start.

I'm not sure deceit and MASS murder is the best way to start.

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6

Which war was won
without deceit and mass murder?

Which war was won without deceit and MASS murder?

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6

"for calculating the MASS of a muon.

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 16

...reverts to a mass
of undifferentiated protoplasm.

...reverts to a MASS of undifferentiated protoplasm.

The Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 20

Yes, it tells us that you participate
in the mass cultural delusion...

Yes, it tells us that you participate in the MASS cultural delusion...

The Big Bang Theory Season 1, Episode 1

English to Pashto Dictionary: mass

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