English to Pashto Meaning of wild - وحشي

Wild :

وحشي, شوونکي دي, وحشی, اوظالم, ولوېد, سختې, د تاوتریخوالي, دمر, شدید, مسلط, د سختو, په غوسه, د وحشيانو, احمد gothic, لیونی, شاړې, دښته, شودیاره, فتنو د, بادونه, د سړښت, څلورنيم, ويجاړه, د کثافاتو, تياره, کلیوا, د اتحاديې مشر, وايم د, بې ثباته, پراخه, اصلي اوسېدونکو, Heath, ویټيليانو

وحشيوايلډرتر پوړيووروړwildnesswilds
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Definitions of wild in English
Noun(1) a wild primitive state untouched by civilization(2) a wild and uninhabited area left in its natural condition
Adjective(1) marked by extreme lack of restraint or control(2) in a natural state; not tamed or domesticated or cultivated(3) in a state of extreme emotion(4) deviating widely from an intended course(5) (of colors or sounds(6) without a basis in reason or fact(7) talking or behaving irrationally(8) involving risk or danger(9) fanciful and unrealistic; foolish(10) located in a dismal or remote area; desolate(11) intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with(12) without civilizing influences(13) (of the elements
Adverb(1) in an uncontrolled and rampant manner(2) in a wild or undomesticated manner
Examples of wild in English
(1) Natural growths of wild grass of a different species were pollinated by the gene-modified grass nearly nine miles away.(2) Despite our predilection for the world's wild places, Sara and I also enjoy a little culture now and again.(3) A rare sea eagle chick which was rescued from a nest after its father was poisoned has been successfully fostered in the wild by surrogate parents in the first case of its kind in Scotland.(4) She expressed her hope that her gifted nephew would be an emissary of civilization to the wild colonies.(5) The steady economic development has caused residences and public infrastructures to grow like wild grass.(6) After all, if speculation is based on concrete facts and is not just a wild guess, it's part of science.(7) They also enjoyed the tales given by Michael on the history and folklore of the area and learned a great deal about the wild herbs and flowers growing there.(8) She was a mess though - smudged and bruised, blue with cold, and with a wild look in her eye.(9) Unlike normal wild cards and other wild draw cards, the player who played the draw two card does not get to specify the next color/suit.(10) My hair was knotted in a tangled mess, giving me a wild look.(11) She turns to face Brabham, trembling but ready to fight if she needs to, a wild look of fear in her eyes.(12) At least with Santa Claus, we know there really was a Saint Nicholas on whom all the later wild stories are based.(13) She was wild . She just flipped. It was as if she had voices in her head.(14) Like most mountaineers, he felt alive in high, wild places.(15) Nancy threw her a wild look, trying to make sense of it all.(16) You could see the home fans get a wild look in their eye as naked drummers ran up and down the sidelines riding stick-horses and chanting in the rain.
Related Phrases of wild
(1) wild animal ::
ځنګلي ځناور
(2) wild boar ::
وحشي boar
(3) wild animals ::
وحشي ځناور
(4) wild child ::
وحشي ماشوم
(5) in the wild ::
په وحشي
(6) wild cat ::
وحشي پيشو
(7) go wild ::
وحشي ته لاړ
(8) wild type ::
وحشي ډوله
(9) run wild ::
پرمخ وحشي
(10) wild beast ::
وحشي ځناور
1. untamed ::
2. uncultivated ::
3. primitive ::
4. uninhabited ::
5. stormy ::
فتنو د
6. disheveled ::
7. uncontrolled ::
8. very excited ::
ډیر هیجاني
9. distraught ::
10. enamored of ::
د باندي گران
11. madcap ::
12. random ::
13. raving mad ::
raving ليونی
14. unwarranted ::
15. gaga ::
16. waste ::
د کثافاتو
17. savage ::
18. angry ::
په غوسه
19. hazardous ::
20. fantastic ::
21. violent ::
د تاوتریخوالي
22. wilderness ::
په دښته کې
23. natural state ::
طبيعي دولت
1. broken ::
2. domestic ::
3. tame ::
او اهلي
Different Forms
wild, wilder, wildest, wildly, wildness, wilds
Word Example from TV Shows

"Wild West and Witches"?

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 10

Wild Bill Witchcock.

Wild Bill Witchcock.

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 10

Our queen. She's wild, you know.

Our queen. She's WILD, you know.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 4

How can it be fine? I just got attacked
by a clearly anti-Semitic wild animal.

How can it be fine? I just got attacked by a clearly anti-Semitic WILD animal.

The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 15

I thought the horses was wild.

I thought the horses was WILD.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 2

English to Pashto Dictionary: wild

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